The Wildcard lost his memory, or so he wishes. When the Black Baron himself shot him through his left eye, the Wildcard found himself lost. He remembered who he was and who his family was. His money stealing ingrate of a wife, his ungrateful kids, his greedy in-laws... He couldn’t handle his life with a whole new outlook on it. He was miserable and angry. He wanted revenge on the person who did this to him: the person he had considered his friend. Abandoning his family, the Wildcard has one goal: to find the Black Baron and make him pay for what he did to him...

Summary Edit

The Wildcard is the last role to take their turn before the Interrogation begins. He has to pick a bottom card to swap with, and his new card will be shown to him. If he does not choose a card, one will be selected for him at random. He cannot perform the Interrogation action of his new card if it has one. He must fulfill the win conditions of the card he took.

Strategy Edit

  • If you swap yourself with another Innocent role, you can safely say which card you picked. Always try to coordinate to claim what you took with the Ex-Cop and Rookie to help confirm them and yourself. If an Ex-Cop or Rookie claim then say the card you took was evil, they are obviously lying.
  • If you take an Innocent role and someone claims it, you know they are lying since that card was at the bottom before you took it.
  • If you become a Robber and there is a possible Ex-Cop or Rookie in play, you have to lie. You may claim a different role. If you claim Wildcard, say you picked a different card from the bottom. Be as careful as possible about what you claim the card you took was, as if the Ex-Cop or Rookie saw that that card was different, they will know you're lying.