The wildcard was a psychiatric patient that didn't have any real identity. Instead, he would imitate others. Because no record of his face existed, he could easily pass for anyone he claims to be. However, he didn't want to admit he had a problem. He had a psychiatric appointment scheduled for the same time as the robbery happened, but he didn't show up. He decided to hide at the local bank for no particular reason. He saw a few people running away from what seemed to be a bank robbery, so he had an excellent idea of posing as one of them. He picked someone at random, without checking who they were, and imitated them. It didn't matter who they were. All that mattered is that it wasn't the Wildcard.

The Wildcard looked over his shoulder, running away from the bank, and saw the poor sap that took his place walk calmly towards the bank, looking exactly like his new role. The wildcard had been at the bank the entire time, and found the perfect opportunity to escape before the Psychiatrist found him.

But the Psychiatrist knew he had already escaped. The Psychiatrist cannot be fooled.

Summary Edit

The Wildcard is the last role to take their turn before the Interrogation begins. They have to pick a bottom card to swap with, and their new card will not be shown to them. If they do not chose a card, one will be selected for them at random. They cannot perform the Interrogation action of their new card if it has one. They will be told if their alignment changes as a result of the swap.

Strategy Edit

  • If your alignment hasn't changed, you can safely say which card you picked. If an Ex-Cop or Rookie claim then say that card was evil, they are lying.
  • If your alignment has changed and there is a possible Ex-Cop or Rookie in play, you have to lie. You may claim a different role. If you claim Wildcard, say you picked a different card from the bottom. There is a small chance that the card you claim to have picked is evil as well as the one you have actually picked.