"The Alpha Wolf", "The Lone Wolf", "Werewolf One". This bank robber goes by many names, all after his ferocity and personality of a lycanthrope. He doesn't have time for anyone else, and wants everything to himself, even if he has to work alone to do it.

He's been like this ever since he was a schoolboy; his antics and strength landed him a negative reputation among the others, and no one has wanted to play with him. People were too afraid to collaborate on group projects, leaving him to do the entire thing himself. "Well fine, I'll just do everything myself. It's not like I trust you morons to do it anyway!". This attitude spiraled into him getting into... trouble, forcing him to get his hands dirty to pay some people off.

Summary Edit

Werewolf1 is a unique bank robber, in that he is the only bank robber that cannot see who his allies are. However, he still has the win condition of having no other bank robbers arrested, so if the Werewolf1 must still make sure he doesn't get his partner(s) arrested. His partners, however, still see him.

Strategy Edit

  • Werewolf1 pairs well with an Attorney, as robbers can't see him anyway.
  • Werewolf1 is a good bank robber role to add to a setup with a lot of players, as it is a good bank robber to use to maintain the balance of players when there a normal bank robber might be too powerful, but another innocent would tip the balance in the other direction.
  • The Werewolf1 must play as if they were alone, as he cannot coordinate plays with an ally without making a huge risk of the player actually being innocent.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the role is a reference to a bug in an earlier version of the game, where the Bank Robber in Modern Setup would show up as werewolf1, possibly the name of the role in the game's code.