It wasn’t very often that the Undercover Cop didn’t have to deal with drug smugglers and international criminals, so he was both relieved and confused when he was called to the city of Sacramento to deal with local criminals who had dubbed themselves the “Barons”. The Undercover Cop couldn’t help but laugh at the silliness in all of this, but he quickly ate his words as he discovered just how destructive and secretive this Guild was. He went to work trying to find out what he could about them and eventually managed to get himself “hired” by someone who called herself “Plant”, gave him a Baron uniform, and instructed him to help steal the money during “The Final Heist” that would be taking place soon. With this information, the Undercover Cop, and the Sacramento Police Department, finally had an upper hand against the Barons; or so they thought...

Summary Edit

The Undercover Cop will arrest whoever he votes for if he is arrested. His Interrogation action applies to the current Undercover Cop, not the original one.

Strategy Edit

  • Unlike most other Innocent roles, the Undercover Cop should usually be lying. This is because if you are caught, you can use your ability to get the correct person arrested anyway. Anarchist is an amazing claim as you can usually confirm other Innocents, catch Robbers, or break up counterclaims without actually being Anarchist.
  • You should never claim Undercover Cop as your first claim unless you think you are swapped. Since the power of the role comes from lying, if you claim it, you will lose your ability to contribute meaningfully for the rest of the game until the voting.
  • Make sure that you do eventually tell the truth. You are lying to get information, not to actually deceive the Innocents.
  • The Attorney's wording is very tricky. If the Attorney is alone, he wins by getting another player arrested. This means that, if you are arrested as Undercover Cop and you also arrest the solo Attorney with your ability, the solo Attorney will still win as you were also arrested, fulfilling his win condition.