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Summary Edit

The Undercover Cop will arrest whoever he is voting for if he has the majority (or possibly tied for majority) of the votes. This means that there can be up to 3 arrests in a single game. However unlike other ability's if your card is switched then the person who now has the Undercover Cop role is the one who gets to use it's ability and not you.

Strategy Edit

  • Unlike other innocent roles the Undercover Cop should usually be lying. This is because if you are caught then you can use your ability to get the correct person arrested anyways.
  • You should never claim Undercover Cop unless you think you are swapped. Since the power of the role comes from lying if you claim then you will lose your ability to contribute meaningfully for the rest of the game.
  • Make sure that if it doesn't look like you are being arrested that you do eventually tell the truth. You are lying to get information and not to actually deceive the innocents.