The Tracker was no stranger to the Baron's Guild. He personally tried to keep out of their way, and he rarely had to deal with them, unless he was sent out to find a missing person that was connected with their mutiny. Of course, when the calls came flooding in that there were Hostages as well as trapped bystanders stuck in the Golden Pacific Bank, and he was needed desperately, he had to go face to face with the most dangerous and cunning gang in California. With a deep breath and shaking knees, he charged into the bank when a girl with purple hair followed by a local Psychiatrist broke free from the police blockade and made her way inside, unsure of what would happen to him...

Summary Edit

The Tracker sees where the Tracker card is at the beginning of the Interrogation. If their card has changed, they will see who has the Tracker role now.

Strategy Edit

  • If your card has not changed, you can either claim right after Shoplifter, or wait to see if the Anarchist claims to have swapped you. The former will make you less suspicious, while the latter will potentially disprove an Anarchist claim (though if someone claims to have swapped you, they might just be bluffing and might have actually swapped two other players).
  • If your card has changed, you need to be wary of the possibility of becoming a Robber. Since the Anarchist will say they swapped you, you can make a bad claim so that you'll be able to easily retract as a Robber in case you suspect the player you were swapped with of being one. If you do not suspect that player though, and if they don't retract as a Robber, you should tell the truth about your role and what you saw, and the only way people might suspect you is if they think you and the player you were swapped with are both Robbers.