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Summary Edit

The Snoop can look at 2 of the bottom cards. They go during Bank Robbers' turn. They can also see all other Bank Robbers.

Strategy Edit

  • Claiming Ex-Cop is generally a good idea. Simply tell the truth about what you saw and you can get the trust of others fairly easily. If you see the Ex-Cop at the bottom, you can say that card is the Snoop or other bank robber.
  • If you are a lone Snoop in a setup with 2 bank robbers and you see 2 innocents, then the 3rd card is your partner, meaning you know all of the bottom cards. Use this to your advantage.
  • If, in a setup with Shoplifter, no one claims to be one and you know they aren't at the bottom, a Shoplifter most likely stole your card.
  • If you have a Bank Robber partner, it is often in your hands to make their claim as trustworthy as possible. Sometimes this requires lying about the cards you saw at the bottom.