The Skeptic was a bank teller. He didn't enjoy his job, as his coworkers always complained about his cynicism. When the robbery occurred, he didn't even budge. A part of him wanted the Robbers to shoot him. However, they were too busy forcing the bank owner to open the vault. While this was happening, the Skeptic noticed strange things going on around him: a lawyer destroying a car, a strange lady stealing ID cards, and a psychiatric patient imitating other people. The man wanted nothing to do with it, but he lost himself amusing all of the sudden chaos. When it died down, the Skeptic checked his current standing. He made sure that nothing on his person was stolen or planted. He made sure that his car wasn't full of dangerous items. He made sure that he was the way he was before the heist happened. And if his role amusing the chaos was to ever change, he would know about it. He wasn't going to have it.

Summary Edit

The Skeptic can see their card again at the beginning of the Interrogation. If their card has changed, the new card will be shown to them, but not anyone else.

Strategies Edit

  • If you become a Bank Robber, don't assume you are the only Robber. There could be another one, so see if anyone claims something suspicious, especially skeptic!
  • Just because you now know you are evil does not mean that the original Robber knows they are now good; they will only know when the Anarchist admits to switching them with you.
  • If you become an evil role, you cannot claim to be an unchanged Skeptic and expect no counter-claim: there is an Anarchist that knows you were switched with another role, so you must either convince everyone that the Anarchist is lying about switching you or convince everyone you were originally an evil role. If you claim you were a Skeptic turned another innocent role, the person who was switched will reveal that they were evil and get you accused!
  • If you become a Bank Robber, make a bad claim. That way, when the Anarchist claims, the Innocents are more likely to believe you were originally a Bank Robber.
  • If you become another innocent role, wait for the Anarchist to claim first, but afterwards instantly say what role you became. Thus, you will most likely confirm three innocent players.