The Shoplifter is a bit more than your everyday petty thief: despite having every stereotypical attribute of your run-of-the-mill Shoplifter (woman with large purse, pants with waist significantly bigger than she actually is, long sleeved sweater, long, ponytailed hair big enough to hide something in) she always got away with it, because nobody noticed her take anything, and no one dared to simply walk up to her and say "You look like a thief, submit to a search!"

The Shoplifter would have loved to partake in the robbery if she knew about it. In fact, she still wanted to find who the robbers were, steal their identity, and head out with the cash in their getaway car. However, she didn't know who the bank robber was, so she was forced to pick someone at random and go with them. Once she realized who they were, she donned their appearance to match their ID and pretended to be them during the investigation. It didn't matter what they were; the Shoplifter was having fun either way.

Summary Edit

During the Robbery, the Shoplifter may select any player's card to steal. The Shoplifter is then told what their new card is, and must fulfill that card's win conditions.

Strategy Edit

  • Because the Shoplifter is an Innocent role, the person who receives the card will become innocent. If you reveal you stole a Bank Robber's card, they will out that you are now a Robber. Choose whether you claim Shoplifter or not wisely!
  • Keep in mind that the Anarchist can swap your role with the card you stole, switching them back to the way they were.
  • If you reveal as the Shoplifter, you will almost always be asked the card you took. The person whom you claim to have stolen from will then confirm or deny that he was the role you said he was. If you steal an Innocent card, you will confirm both yourself and the player you stole from.
  • Experienced players will force the Shoplifter to claim first, so if you steal a Robber, you only have about fifteen seconds to decide what to claim.
  • While you do not have to steal a card, claiming you are a Shoplifter and did not act is very risky, because people will most likely not believe you.
  • If you steal a Robber-aligned card, you have to cast suspicion onto them. They were originally evil, so they will have a harder time defending themselves than Innocents. Make sure to spot any other Robbers: they will defend their former partner. Do not let the player you stole from know they are not a Robber anymore.