The Rookie always dreamed of becoming a police officer. As a child, he always played Cops and Robbers with his friends. He never imagined being a part of it in real life, though. When he got a radio call of a robbery-in-progress, he dropped his latte and jelly frosted sprinkled doughnut and sprinted as fast as he could to the scene; he was not very far away so driving didn't make sense. On his way over, he noticed someone else sprinting away from the scene, and stopped and interrogated him. After a brief interrogation, he let the man go and continued on his way towards the scene, ready and eager to help with the investigation.

Summary Edit

The Rookie is a simple Innocent role featured in the Beginner setup. If there are any other Rookies during the Rookie's turn, the Rookie will see their card. Otherwise, they may look at an unused card.

Strategy Edit

  • Wait until others claim to reveal what card you have seen. It may bait the Bank Robber into claiming the role you have seen, or claiming to be an Ex-Cop that has seen two cards at the bottom, but falsely naming the one you have seen.
  • If you see a Bank Robber at the bottom pile, then Shoplifters claiming to have stolen someone's card are more credible, since there are not two robbers simply coordinating a lie to confirm each other.
  • If you are unlucky enough to have seen a Rookie, don't be distraught yet! You can still use that information to verify an Ex-Cop if they "checked" the card it so happened to be.
  • It is very important to remember which card you have seen! Forgetting the card casts your claim into doubt!
  • A good card you can see in the bottom pile is a Hostage. Because it is easy to claim, the chances of a Bank Robber claiming it are high, so multiple hostage claims when there is only one is quite common, and will dash the chances of a Bank Robber getting away with winning because of a no-vote game. Claim you saw this card and force the Bank Robber to enter a counterclaim battle or to claim something more complex, increasing the chances of him slipping up!