The Psychiatrist was definitely not the most professional doctor in the world. He usually treated his patients as if they were his friends, sometimes even going as far as taking them out to dinner. This was before the Snoop shot him in the back and left him handicapped, that is. Through hearing the stories of the Anarchist, the madness of the Wildcard, the lies of the Attorney, and the heart-crush in the Black Baron, the Psychiatrist knows he holds the pieces to finally end the Barons once and for all. He just needs to find them...

Summary Edit

The Psychiatrist can reveal a player's card. If it is an Innocent card or the Attorney, their card will be shown to everyone during the Interrogation. The Psychiatrist goes after all card-swapping roles, except for the Wildcard (a revealed Wildcard will show up in place of the card that the Wildcard swapped with). If the Psychiatrist clicks on a player whose card cannot be revealed, he will be notified and will lose his turn.

Strategy Edit

  • Just because you could not reveal a player's card does not mean they are a Robber. Don't immediately accuse them, because they could be the Fall Guy.
  • If Fall Guy is not in the role list, you should ALWAYS say you failed to reveal someone as soon as possible. Remember, Psychiatrist goes after Shoplifter and Anarchist, meaning your results have not been tampered with, and whoever you failed to reveal is 100% evil. The only time this isn't foolproof is if the person you couldn't reveal turned out to be a Wildcard that was swapped by an Anarchist and who then put their evil role you couldn't reveal on the bottom.
  • Likewise, if you succeed in revealing someone, claim Psychiatrist as soon as you know the Shoplifter isn't afoot messing everything up. A smart Robber might try to claim Psychiatrist before you even can, so you have to be prepared!