The Psychiatrist wasn't at the bank by chance, nor was he there to withdraw or deposit money; he was there hunting down his patient, the Wildcard, who hadn't shown up to his appointment. The Psychiatrist, through a concerned family member, got a tip that his patient was headed toward the local bank. Concerned for what he would end up doing, the doctor came over immediately. He didn't know what he looks like, but using his skill at analytical psychology, he could point out someone who is mentally unstable. He never thought his skills would go to great use in the investigation to point out when someone is lying about who they really are. That is, if he can actually keep up with them...

Summary Edit

The Psychiatrist can reveal a player's card. If it is not a bank robber or the Fall Guy, their card will be shown to everyone during the Interrogation. The Psychiatrist goes after all card-swapping roles except for the Wildcard (a revealed Wildcard will show up in place of the card that the Wildcard swapped with). If you click on a player whose card cannot be revealed, a distinctive sound will play, and you will lose your turn.

Strategy Edit

  • Just because you could not reveal a player's card does not mean they are a bank robber. Don't immediately accuse them, because they could be the Fall Guy.