The Plant was always an astute listener. As a child, she picked up on the tiny noises other children made when taking tests so she could cheat. This skill hasn't proven useful in her adult life, however. She has mostly resorted to blackmail to make her money, and it wasn't working out well for her. However, one day her life turned upside down. She was hired by a criminal organization to plan out and perform a robbery of the local bank. Using her strategical mind, she managed to come up with a plan that was sure to work.

When the getaway driver came up and explained that the car would not start, the Plant almost started to panic. But after looking around calmly, she noticed something strange about one of the people in the bank. They stuck out a bit to her. She could tell what they were supposed to be. This information could be very useful in order to escape prison. The Plant just had to bluff it out.

Summary Edit

The Plant has the ability to look at a player's card. They go during Bank Robbers' turn. They can also see all other Bank Robbers.

Strategy Edit

  • When the players know there is a Plant, Ex-Cops usually check bottom cards, so claiming Ex-Cop and revealing another player's role is risky.
  • You can claim Shoplifter and say you stole the card of the player you saw. But experienced players know Plants claim Shoplifter often, so they will suspect you.
  • You can use the role of the player you saw to claim to be that role before they have the chance to do so.