The Plant used to be one of the greatest officers in Sacramento, second to the Detective and third to the now Ex-Cop. Now, after her acquaintances in the police department have abandoned her, she has come to work by the Black Baron's side in the Baron’s Guild. She lays low, as she knows she and her friends are dead the moment the Attorney finds out about her presence. She serves the Barons by planting false evidence to throw off police and recruiting new members to assist them in their goals. When the lights in the bank go out, and the Barons are scrambled, the Plant must jump out of the shadows to save the people who have meant the most to her...

Summary Edit

The Plant has the ability to look at another player's card. She goes during the Bank Robber's turn. She can also see all other Robbers.

Strategy Edit

  • When the players know there is a Plant, Ex-Cops usually check bottom cards, so claiming Ex-Cop and revealing another player's role is risky.
  • You can claim Shoplifter and say you stole the card of the player you saw. But experienced players know Plants claim Shoplifter often, so they will still suspect you.
  • You can use the knowledge of the role of the player you saw to claim to be that role before they have the chance to do so.