Roles Edit

  1. Intimidator
  2. Plant
  3. Ex-Cop
  4. Guard
  5. Shoplifter
  6. Anarchist
  7. Psychiatrist
  8. Wildcard (5+ Players)
  9. Negotiator (6 Players)

Synopsis Edit

Original Setup has more complexity and depth than Beginner or Classic, and is a step-up for people that have a firm understanding of the prior two setups and would like more possibilities to consider. This role list is much different than Classic and Beginner Setup, as both the Innocent and Robber teams are much more powerful.

The game begins with the two premiere bank robber roles: Intimidator, who can prevent another player from performing their robbery action, and the Plant, who checks another (non-robber) card. The robbers also still see each other. Next is the Ex-Cop, who checks two bottom cards or another player's card. Then the Guard gets to choose a player's card to guard, preventing that card from changing at all. After that is the Shoplifter, who steals another player's card and sees what it is. Following is the Anarchist, who swaps the cards of two players without seeing them and without telling them they were swapped. Then, the Psychiatrist gets to choose a player's card to reveal to everyone. He cannot reveal a bank robber and does not get to choose another player if he tries to reveal a Bank Robber. Finally, the Wildcard gets to select a bottom card to swap with.

During the Interrogation, the Negotiator may reveal their card at any time by clicking on it.

Strategy Edit

  • Common claims for Plants are Ex-Cop checking a player, Shoplifter stealing a player, and counter-claiming the person they have checked.
    • Just because a Plant claimed Shoplifter, it does not mean that the other person is a bank robber, unlike in Beginner or Classic Setup.
  • Common claims for Intimidators are Psychiatrist failing to reveal the player they intimidated, Guard, and Anarchist.
  • Negotiator should wait until the Anarchist claims who they swapped, to prevent an embarrassing bank robber reveal.
  • Negotiator can claim anything they want, using their card reveal as backup. This is a great way to pretend to be Anarchist and bait bank robbers to out themselves.
  • A bank robber may be tempted to jump on the opportunity to claim Psychiatrist if a card is revealed at the beginning of the round. Just because someone claimed first doesn't make them more valid.
  • An Ex-Cop checking another player's card might sound like a bad idea, however, an Ex-Cop checking a card can prove to be useful. For example:
    • An Ex-Cop can settle counterclaim battles that a Plant might provoke as a result of seeing another card.
    • An Ex-Cop who has seen the real Psychiatrist or Guard can shut down an Intimidator's chances of claiming that role.
    • An Ex-Cop who has seen a bank robber should wait until everyone has claimed, or when the person they saw and another person has a disagreement.
    • An Ex-Cop seeing a Shoplifter should wait and see if there are any other Shoplifter claims before saying that they saw them as Shoplifter
    • An Ex-Cop seeing the Negotiator should force him to reveal immediately.
  • Generally, however, an Ex-Cop will check two bottom cards, because:
    • The Ex-Cop is the only role that can reveal what role the Wildcard has taken
    • The Ex-Cop can reveal that the Shoplifter is at the bottom, so a Plant claiming it is obviously Plant.
      • The same goes for any other Innocent role.
  • If the Shoplifter or Anarchist tries to swap with a guarded role, an icon is shown over the card and they may select a new card. A noise is also played.
    • If the Shoplifter themselves is guarded, they cannot switch with any card.
    • If a Plant claims to have swapped with a card that has been guarded, the Guard can reveal their lie.
  • A Psychiatrist cannot select a new target if their first reveals. If they try to reveal the Plant or Intimidator, they will be notified that their reveal failed.
  • Players should always pay attention to chat and see if they have been intimidated.
  • An Intimidator may claim that they themselves have been intimidated.
  • Wildcard is a terrible claim for a bank robber, as players who believe that no players are bank robbers will vote the Wildcard claim in fear that they have selected a bank robber.
  • Wildcards that select a bank robber are informed via chat that their alignment has changed.
  • A Wildcard that took a robber will lie about what card they took to fool an Ex-Cop.

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