Summary Edit

Notes are a way for players to keep track of information they learn throughout the game, as to make sure they do not forget them. What notes you take, how you take them, or whether you use them at all is up to you, but they serve to help players remember information and visualise events, which is especially helpful in complicated setups such as Modern or Advanced.

There are two types of notes in the game:

  • Player notes are underneath each person's card
  • Unused Card Notes are above each of the three cards that players do not have.

Effective Note Taking Edit

This serves as a guideline for players who are not sure how they wish to structure their notes.

  • To note someone's role claim, type either the full role name or an abbreviated version.
  • To note what someone has done as their claim, type in a one to two letter abbreviation for what the role does, or what role does it, in parenthesis after all other notes under the appropriate card.
    • For example, you could use (S) to indicate getting swapped by an Anarchist, or (WC) for being chosen by a Wildcard
    • If multiple people claim the same role that has an action, you can use numbers to tell them apart, for example, Anarchist 1 would have (S1) and so on.
  • If you know what role a player is, but need to remember what lies they are telling, you can put their real role in brackets ([]) or curly braces ({})
  • Optionally, you can use an arrow (->) to dictate roles that have been swapped by the Anarchist or Shoplifter to keep track of what they now are. For example, Ex-Cop->SL