The Negotiator was an experienced detective at the Police agency. However, he wasn't at the bank because he was investigating the scene; he was involved with it. The Negotiator specialized in the Special Victims Unit, dealing with cases involving traumatized victims of heinous crimes such as rape, attempted murder, or any violent crime involving a child. Because he deals with very sensitive people, he must always reassure the victims that he is on their side. As a side effect, he carries many forms of identification: his police badge, his driver's license, his gun owner's license, photos of his family (including his 6 year old Golden Retriever), and his trusty cell phone. He can unequivocally prove that he is who he claims to be, and he's not afraid to do so.

"Listen up, everyone!" the Negotiator said during the Interrogation, "I have information that everyone needs to see!" He held his I.D. card and cell phone up for all eyes. All attention was towards the Negotiator in complete silence. Nobody could believe what they were seeing.

Perhaps the Negotiator should have looked at his I.D. first.

Summary Edit

The Negotiator is the only role in the game that can show their own card. However, the Negotiator cannot see their card without revealing it to everyone else, and only after the Robbery phase is over. Because of this, it is possible for them to reveal that they are no longer the Negotiator, and have been swapped by the Shoplifter or the Anarchist. They will also fail to reveal if they are intimidated, and won't be informed until they attempt the reveal.

Strategy Edit

  • It is a major gamble to reveal your card without first making sure it has not been swapped. It is very embarrassing to reveal to everyone that you are now a Bank Robber.
  • The Anarchist may not be telling the truth about who he has swapped, so if you have any doubts, don't reveal until you are forced to!
  • Once you are revealed to be innocent, people that are also innocent are very likely to follow your vote.