It was only after the lights at the bank had been out for a while that the SWAT team arrived at the scene. The rest of his platoon made a circle around the bank, ready to apprehend anyone who tried to leave, but the Negotiator, who was there right as the lights went out because he was responsible for maintaining the security, found himself trapped inside the bank, armed with nothing but a megaphone. He aimed to stop the confusion himself if he could...

Summary Edit

The Negotiator is the only role in the game that can reveal his own card during the Interrogation. If he was swapped, his new card will be shown to everyone. He will also fail to reveal if he was intimidated, and won't be informed until he attempts to reveal.

Strategy Edit

  • It is a major gamble to reveal your card without first making sure it has not been swapped. It is very embarrassing to reveal to everyone that you are now a Robber.
  • The Anarchist may not be telling the truth about who she has swapped, so if you have any doubts, don't reveal until you are forced to!
  • Once you are revealed to be innocent, people that are also innocent are very likely to follow your vote.
  • Since you are the only role in the game that can 100% confirm himself, this means you can have some fun. Claim Anarchist, or Ex-Cop, or Psychiatrist and lie all you want. People will CC you and people will think you are evil, but while they are doing this, you can scumread, and when you reveal yourself, you should have a good idea of who the Robber is.
  • Not revealing for long enough could allow for a desperate Robber to claim that the Negotiator is at the bottom since one hasn't revealed yet, in which case you'd quickly have them arrested by revealing.