Roles Edit

  1. Plant
  2. Snoop
  3. Ex-Cop
  4. Detective
  5. Shoplifter
  6. Anarchist
  7. Undercover Cop
  8. Skeptic (5+ Players)
  9. Wildcard (6+ Players)
  10. Guard (7+ Players)
  11. Fall Guy (8+ Players)
  12. Psychiatrist (9 Players)

Synopsis Edit

The Modern setup is heavily based around working with information. Both Robber roles get information by checking cards (another player's card for Plant and two unused cards for Snoop). Most Innocent roles get information directly from their actions, and the Undercover Cop can get plenty of information through bluffing and claiming a different role. The presence of both Undercover Cop and Fall Guy adds to the depth of scumreading in this setup.

Strategy Edit

  • A lot of strategies from Original Setup apply here as well.
  • As Snoop, claiming to be one of the roles you saw at the bottom is risky, since you are likely to get counterclaimed by an Ex-Cop. If you see the latter at the bottom, you can claim it or the other role you saw, and are unlikely to be counterclaimed (only the Wildcard can know the role you claim is at the bottom).
  • You can claim Ex-Cop as Snoop and tell the truth about what you saw. If one of the cards you saw is an Ex-Cop, you can say it was a Snoop or a different role, depending on whether you want to counterclaim any other player.
  • As a solo Snoop, if neither of the two cards you see is Plant, you know the third card is.
  • As Detective, it is your choice whether to check yourself with another player or two other players. The specifics of the choice are described on the role's Wiki page.
  • If you are an Undercover Cop, claim a different role to get information out of other players (the most popular Undercover Cop claim is Anarchist). After you get all the information you can get, retract and say you are actually the Undercover Cop. Even if the other players don't believe you and vote for you, you will have a chance of getting the actual Robber arrested.
  • Claiming Undercover Cop can be a good idea if you are the Fall Guy. If another player also claims Undercover Cop, and either you get arrested, or they do and arrest you with them, you will win either way.