The Intimidator took great pride in shooting sandbags out of airplanes in rural Japan for the U.S. Army, but ever since he was discharged for supposed sexual assault allegations, he found himself walking the streets of Sacramento with no money and no pride. Then, a man in white approached him and asked if he wanted to make $25,000. Ever since, he has worked as the Baron Guild’s interrogator and bodyguard. Similar to the Black Baron, he despises his boss, and knows that an enemy of the Attorney, Codename Plant, is secretly working with them. He hopes that after the Final Heist is over, he can leave the life of crime he hates behind, and truly find his place in this world.

Heist clone-13 (3)

The Symbol an intimidated player receives.

Summary Edit

The Intimidator can prevent another player from performing their Robbery action. He goes during the Bank Robbers' turn. He can also see all other Bank Robbers. The intimidated player is told that they are intimidated during their turn. If the targeted player has a role that cannot be intimidated, such as Hostage, Skeptic, Attorney, Fall Guy, or Undercover Cop, the Intimidator is informed and allowed to choose another player.

Strategy Edit

  • Intimidating someone is a game of chance. It can either work out very well or destroy your chances of winning. Sometimes, it is better not to intimidate anyone; the players may assume Intimidator is not in play.
  • If you intimidate someone, they will say they were intimidated during the Interrogation, revealing your existence. However, they might also be a role that would have found you if they weren't intimidated, meaning you were lucky to intimidate them.
  • If you don't intimidate anyone, you can pretend to be intimidated yourself, thus casting blame onto another player.
  • A viable strategy is to claim Psychiatrist and say that you failed to reveal the target you intimidated. Since the player couldn't perform their action, it will be harder for them to put up a good defense.