The Intimidator used to be a bodyguard working at the local club. However, he had gotten himself in a large amount of debt due to a lawsuit against him; he had hurt someone trying to break in, and lost because his attorney asked for too much. He was then fired from his job. He thought his life was over when he got a mysterious note on his front door one night: "It seems you are in some desperate need of cash. As am I. I have a plan."

His part was to "convince" the bank owner to open the safe. All went well until the getaway driver came running into the bank, going on about how the car had been vandalized. The Intimidator knew he had to act. His services were needed once more.

Summary Edit

The Intimidator can prevent another player from performing their Robbery action. They go during Bank Robbers' turn. They can also see all other Bank Robbers. The Intimidated player is told that they are Intimidated during their turn. If the intimidated player is a role that cannot be intimidated, such as Hostage or Skeptic, the Intimidator is informed and is allowed to choose another player.

Strategy Edit

  • Intimidating someone is a game of chance. It can either work out very well or destroy your chances of winning. Sometimes, it is better not to Intimidate anyone: the players may assume Intimidator is not in play.
  • If you Intimidate someone, they will say they were Intimidated during the Interrogation, revealing your existence.
  • If you don't Intimidate anyone, you can pretend to be Intimidated yourself, thus casting blame onto another player.