Many people have very good reasons to despise the Barons. The Interrogator is only alive because the Intimidator decided to spare him after he was captured in his own home by the Black Baron. The Interrogator has been ruthless in his investigations, becoming ever more violent to witnesses and people possibly connected to the Baron's Guild as his hatred for them grew. With the supposed death of the now Ex-Cop, the Interrogator has given up on following the Sacramento Police agenda and has begun following his own. His own agenda involves him going into the bank during the Final Heist and ruthlessly beating the first person he can lay his hands on until they give up their true identity to him.

Summary Edit

The Interrogator can check another player's card. That player will be notified that they were interrogated at the beginning of the Interrogation phase.

Strategy Edit

  • If you check a player and see that they are a Robber, you can out them immediately, or you can wait to see if the Anarchist swapped you with them. The latter will make yourself more suspicious, but if you were indeed swapped with that player, it will give you a better chance of not getting arrested.
  • If you check a player and see that they are Innocent, you can say that you interrogated that player, but not what their role was. Since the player was interrogated, they will trust you anyway. This can work well in case a Robber decides to claim a role that you saw the player you checked have, but the two of you can also be accused of being Robbers. If you see a Negotiator or an Undercover Cop, you can let them claim a different role like Anarchist, and after they get all the information they can get, they will retract, but will still trust you.
  • If you see a Shoplifter and they don't out (or if they try to guess who the Interrogator is but name someone other than you), you know they probably stole a non-Innocent card.
  • If you see a Wildcard, and they deny that they were interrogated, they likely picked a non-Innocent card from the bottom.