The Imposter is a master of disguise, able to replicate the appearance of another person through forgery and studio-quality makeup. This takes time, so the Imposter always prepares his stunts in advance. While it is not well known what the Imposter really looks like, similar to the Wildcard, it is quite obvious his shenanigans are not well-intentioned. Although his real purpose is unclear, some veteran police officers theorize he is an assassin that conducts his hits by framing others for crimes.

Summary Edit

The Imposter selects another player to impersonate. His role is then shown as the role of the player he impersonated to all roles (no exceptions) until the voting. The Imposter sees the impersonated player's role, and must get the player arrested. The Imposter does NOT get the ability of the stolen role. If he does not impersonate any player, he must simply not get arrested.

Strategy Edit

  • In setups that have a lot of roles that can use their abilities to confirm themselves (such as Shoplifter, Negotiator, and Psychiatrist), it may be favorable to not impersonate anyone, and simply try not to get yourself arrested, as this will be a much easier objective to achieve. Only impersonate another player if you are confident in your abilities to get that player arrested, whatever role they may have from the setup.
  • If you impersonate a Bank Robber (except for the Attorney), the Bank Robbers will see you during their turn as the impersonated robber's role. You, however, will not see any Bank Robbers except for the one you impersonated.
  • If you impersonate a Rookie, they will see you as a fellow Rookie. If there is only one player Rookie, their ability to check a bottom card is gone. If there are two Rookies, they will both see you as a third Rookie, and will know that one of them is fake. However, you do not know who the Rookie you did not impersonate is, so be wary of the real Rookies using this against you. You must also be careful in setups that only include one Rookie.