The Hostages should be halfway to Heaven by now. The Barons have never been keen on keeping survivors. According to the Attorney, they can make problems in a courtroom. However, a deal that has been struck between the Plant and the ¶®ÑǂɊˤΞѽ has the Barons performing the Final Heist under the orders to not open fire. May the Hostages consider themselves lucky, for now...

Summary Edit

The Hostage is an Innocent role that has no actions. This is one of the most simple roles in the game.

Strategy Edit

  • Claim as soon as possible when the Interrogation starts, after the Shoplifter has claimed if she is in the setup. The most difficult part of being a Hostage is convincing others that you actually are one. Since you can't prove yourself, the best strategy is saying that you are a Hostage just after the Interrogation begins and the Shoplifter claims (or doesn't claim). Even if somebody else claims Hostage or says that you can't be one, you have the advantage of timing.
  • Be wary of the Shoplifter. Before claiming your role, wait and ask whether a Shoplifter is in the game. If there is one and they stole from an Innocent Role, they are going to out with information. If you say what you are first, and then someone else claims to have stolen your Hostage, you are going to have a hard time figuring out whether they are lying.
  • If you wait to see if somebody else claims Hostage while they can't be, you will know they're lying, but you will have a harder time defending yourself than if you claimed without waiting for other Hostages.
  • Just because you don't have any actions doesn't mean you have to play passively. If you have the opportunity, claim Anarchist or another role that can cause a Robber to out. This can best be done when two other players are counterclaiming each other and your results would be able to solve the issue, even when, in actuality, you are just a Hostage.