In the middle of a circle of people involved in a police interrogation stood a desperate-looking man: "Why do I, the owner of this bank, have to be questioned for its robbery?!" Unfortunately, he lost his ID card and had no other way to prove his identity. A nearby police officer interrupted his thoughts: "Hey, what were you doing here when the crime happened?" Before the bank's owner could speak up, he saw an unfriendly-looking face talk to the cop. "I saw this man ten minutes ago" - the person said confidently - "He robbed this bank!"

Summary Edit

The Hostage is an innocent role that has no actions. Their goal is to find and arrest the Bank Robbers, like any innocent role, unless they've been switched with a Robber or a third party role. This is one of the simplest roles in the game, most common in the Beginner Setup.

Strategies Edit

  • Claim as soon as possible when the interrogation starts. The most difficult part of being a Hostage is convincing others that you actually are one. Since you can't prove yourself, the best strategy is saying that you are a Hostage just when the day starts. Even if somebody else claims Hostage or says that you can't be one, you have the advantage of timing.
  • Be wary of the Shoplifter. Before claiming your role, wait and ask whether a Shoplifter is in the game. If there is one and they stole from an innocent player, they are going to out with information. If you say what you are first, and then someone else claims to have stolen your Hostage, you are going to have a hard time figuring out whether they are lying.
  • Wait to possibly find a liar. If you lay low and somebody else claims Hostage while they can't be, congratulations, they're lying! This may be useful to know, but you're going to have a hard time convincing people that you're the true hostage.