The Guard was doing her job at the bank, just like on any other day. She was just about to have a coffee break when she noticed armed men approach the door. At least this wasn't just another boring day, but the bank was much too understaffed to deal with multiple bank robbers. She couldn't do much to help, but there is one thing she could do: guard someone. Make sure that person doesn't get hurt, doesn't have their IDs stolen, but more importantly, make sure that person doesn't leave. If they turned out to be one of the robbers, it would be bad for them to simply get away.

The police arrived, and her protectee was exactly the way they used to be.

Summary Edit

The Guard can protect a card from being switched. A guarded Shoplifter and Wildcard cannot exchange their cards, and neither Shoplifter nor Anarchist can switch a guarded card. The Guard cannot protect their own card.

Strategy Edit

  • It is a good idea to wait until the Anarchist claims before revealing that you have guarded a card. They are informed that the person they are trying to swap has been guarded via a distinct sound and graphic and allowed to chose another card. You can use this to prove that an Anarchist claim is lying about swapping cards!
  • If the player you guarded claims Shoplifter or Wildcard and doesn't mention that they were guarded, they are lying.