The Guard suffered, this she did not deny. After being shot down by the Black Baron at Big Hall, she spent many years trying to overcome the fear that griped her. The fear of death; the fear of evil; the fear of the Baron’s Guild. She had only taken up a new occupation at the city bank for a month when her darkest nightmares became a reality. The lights in the bank were cut, and chaos quickly ensued. Not knowing what exactly to do other than scream and panic, the Guard looked for the first person she could find in the darkness, and protected them as best she could...

Summary Edit

The Guard can protect a card from being switched. A guarded Shoplifter and Wildcard cannot exchange their cards, and neither Shoplifter nor Anarchist can switch a guarded card. The Guard cannot protect her own card.

Strategy Edit

  • If the player you guarded claims Shoplifter or Wildcard and doesn't mention that they were guarded, they are lying. If an Anarchist claims that your target was guarded, they are confirmed. If they do not, they are bluffing or lying.
    Heist clone-12

    The Symbol a player trying to swap a guarded card receives.