Just like every other Hostage, the Fall Guy was an innocent, unlucky man. He hated being tied up and tortured so much that he made a seemingly reckless decision. He made the goal of this robbery to let the police send him to prison, where he would get his sweet revenge. When the interrogation began, the Fall Guy did not wait for his turn and asserted that he was, in fact, a retired detective helping the cops find the criminals. He was able to fool the Psychiatrist into determining that he was one of the Robbers. Nobody knows what happened after the Fall Guy was sent to jail, but no bank robberies have occurred again for a very long time.

Summary Edit

The Fall Guy does not have a team and only wins if he gets arrested.

Strategies Edit

  • Don't look too transparent. If you act like an obvious Fall Guy, the Innocents will prefer arresting a more subtle suspect. Try to sound convincingly, but let your counterclaim have a small edge. One of the good roles to claim as Fall Guy is the Wildcard. The innocents might think that you are most likely evil. On the other hand, they might know that Bank Robbers rarely claim Wildcards, and dismiss you as a possible, but unlikely, Robber.
  • Try to sound like the only Robber. Make sure you are more suspicious than any other player. The Innocents will not vote for you if they have a better target. If you think you have found a Bank Robber, divert attention from them onto you. If they are about to get arrested, defend them eagerly, and if you're lucky, the players will vote you instead.