The Ex-Cop died. Or, at least, that’s what the doctors told him. It was a miracle he woke from his coma. The Plant had shot him twice in the abdomen and the Black Baron burned an entire warehouse down on top of him, yet he lived. The now Ex-Cop was the best officer in the entire city, and he alone holds the power to bring the Barons to their knees. Everyone thinks he is dead, and they would never expect him to come and crack this Final Heist wide open...

Summary Edit

The Ex-Cop is one of the most valuable roles in the game. He can either check another player's card or look at two unused cards at the bottom.

Strategy Edit

  • If you check a player's card, claim first along with Shoplifter. This way, if you saw an innocent role, you get confirmed by them just like Shoplifters do.
  • If you check the bottom cards, you can out as the Ex-Cop after the Shoplifter claimed, but hold on to your information until other players claim their roles. It has a much better chance of calling out an impossible role claim or revealing that the Wildcard is now evil. Remember that if a player claims Rookie and gives true information, they can be a Bank Robber who looked at that card as well.
  • It is usually a better idea to check the bottom cards than a player's card because it gives more useful information. If you do not trust a certain player based on how they acted after the Assignment, however, you can check their card.
  • When a Plant is in the role list, it's usually always better to check two bottom cards as checking another player would be very scummy. This same concept applies to the Ex-Cop if only the Snoop is in the role list, and he should instead check another player. If both Plant and Snoop are in the setup, the same logic applies as if there weren't either of them.