Synopsis Edit

Custom Setup is only available in private lobbies. The Mastermind can either copy a setup from one of the official setups or come up with his or her own. The number of cards they select must equal the number of players plus the three bottom cards. There must be at least one evil card, but no more than four. If the Mastermind selects his role list that requires more players then are in the lobby, the game will not start until another player leaves the lobby. The Mastermind should never select too little cards.

Guidelines Edit

All good setups share common features. Some may sound obvious, but new Masterminds might not have thought about them.

  • Most balanced setups contain two evil roles, but it is more dependent on how powerful the evils are than how many there are.
  • Shoplifter and Wildcard are innocent roles that tend to tip the scales in the Robber's favor in setups with many evil roles.
  • Guard is useless without the Shoplifter, Wildcard, or Anarchist, and is usually only included in setups with at least two of them.
  • Negotiator, Anarchist, Psychiatrist, Ex-Cop, and Guard are (situationally) powerful roles, while Rookie, Skeptic, Hostage, and Wildcard are weaker roles.
  • The Fall Guy should be considered among the Bank Robber team when considering balance, as the Robbers win if he does.
  • Plant and Intimidator are more powerful than Bank Robber.
  • Intimidator should always have a role that can help him.
  • Attorney is a good stand-in for a Bank Robber if you want to reduce the amount of roles that the Innocents can vote in order to win.
  • It is possible to start without Plant, Intimidator, or Bank Robber in a setup, but this won't work as the Innocents are not required to vote anyone to win.

Examples Edit

There are no examples at the moment. Feel free to add some yourself! List the roles in a numbered list in order that they perform their actions, and give a brief description of how it works.

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