1. Hostage
  2. Hostage
  3. Bank Robber
  4. Bank Robber
  5. Ex-Cop
  6. Shoplifter
  7. Anarchist
  8. Wildcard (5+ Players)
  9. Skeptic (6 Players)


Classic Setup is very similar to Beginner Setup, but has two major changes: Instead of Rookie, Classic has Anarchist, a role that swaps two players' cards without telling them they were swapped. In place of the second Rookie, Classic has the Wildcard, a role that selects an unused card and then is informed if his winning conditions change. Wildcard goes after all other roles, whilst Anarchist goes after Shoplifter but before Wildcard.


  • Many of the strategies in Beginner Setup work here, with a couple of obvious exceptions:
    • Because Rookie is not a role in Classic, the possibility of claiming Rookies seeing each other or a bottom card is gone.
    • You must always consider the possibility of the Anarchist swapping your Innocent role with a Bank Robber or your Bank Robber role with an Innocent card.
  • Anarchists can lie about what players they have swapped to bait Bank Robbers into revealing that they were Bank Robber; just remember to reveal who you really swapped by the end of the interrogation.
  • Wildcard is a risky claim for a Bank Robber: if they say they took a certain card without knowing what it is, an Ex-Cop can reveal that that card was a Bank Robber. Otherwise, players who believe that no players are Bank Robbers conclude that the chances of the Wildcard becoming a Bank Robber are too high.
  • Anarchist is a viable claim for Bank Robbers, as there is no real way of validating a claim without Negotiator or Psychiatrist. Skeptic could easily lie about it, but may serve to be a caution to false Anarchist claims in 6 player games.
  • If you wait until the Anarchist says who they swapped to claim, and you think they swapped you with the Bank Robber, you could try counter-claiming them.

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