1. Hostage
  2. Bank Robber
  3. Bank Robber
  4. Ex-Cop
  5. Shoplifter
  6. Anarchist
  7. Wildcard
  8. Skeptic (5+ Players)
  9. Tracker (6+ Players)
  10. Guard (7+ Players)
  11. Fall Guy (8+ Players)
  12. Negotiator (9 Players)


Classic Setup is similar to Beginner Setup, but has major changes. Instead of one of the Hostages, Classic has Anarchist, a role that swaps two players' cards without telling them they were swapped. In place of the first Rookie, Classic has the Wildcard, a role that takes an unused card and sees what it is. In place of the second Rookie, Classic has the Tracker, though the latter appears in games with 6 or more players, while the Skeptic appears in games with 5 or more players. The Guard is introduced to help distinguish false Shoplifters, Anarchists, and Wildcards. Classic also has a Fall Guy when playing with 8 or more players, adding a new layer of deduction to the setup.