Roles Edit

  1. Bank Robber
  2. Bank Robber
  3. Shoplifter
  4. Shoplifter
  5. Shoplifter
  6. Anarchist
  7. Skeptic
  8. Attorney (5+ Players)
  9. Negotiator (6+ Players)
  10. Wildcard (7+ Players)
  11. Psychiatrist (8+ Players)
  12. Undercover Cop (9 Players)

Synopsis Edit

Out of the 6 pre-determined role setups, this is the only one that cannot be ranked and can only be played in private matches. It is heavily based on the chaos that erupts due to having multiple Shoplifters and other swapping roles, as well as the presence of the Attorney. The three Shoplifters have three different turns durring the Robbery, and if you pay attention, you will know whether you went first, second, or third (last).

Strategy Edit

  • Since this is an unranked setup with high amounts of role switching, any strategy can be viable. Some players go as far as to out themselves as a Bank Robber, counting on having been stolen or swapped.
  • This setup can be combined with Blitz Mode rather effectively, since practically everyone has an action, and it doesn't take too long to get everyone's roles and actions.