This bank robber was nothing special. Perhaps he was desperate to pay off a large debt, or simply wanted an easy way of living life in luxury. Either way, his plans would be ruined if he was caught.

His plan was simple: near closing hours, he would barge in and blow open the safe. He would grab as many 100 dollar bills as his bags could carry, and high-tail out in his stolen getaway. There was one problem, though: the getaway wouldn't start! Desperate, the robber hid all of the money and his guns in the trunk of a nearby car. The police had already arrived, and began questioning everyone. They didn't see him hide his gear, but began questioning him. He knew he had to come up with an elaborate lie to get someone else convicted of the crime, so that he could escape. He looked around and saw that one of the hostages he had taken had already escaped, and began his explanation: "Well, officer, I own this bank here, and..."

Summary Edit

The Bank Robber is the basic evil role in the game. If he is the only Bank Robber at the beginning of the round, he can look at an unused card in the bottom pile. If there are other Bank Robbers in the game at the beginning of the round, their cards are revealed to each other. Bank Robbers win if no Bank Robber is arrested.

Strategy Edit

  • Claiming Hostage can seem safe, but Hostage claims are the most suspicious ones. Try to claim a role with actions without any counterclaims.
  • Be wary of Shoplifter. It is as important for Robbers as it is for innocents to make sure a Shoplifter hasn't stolen a Robber.
  • Don't always claim to be the card you saw on the bottom pile. While it removes the possibility of a counter-claim, an Ex-cop or Rookie could have seen that card.
  • You can claim Rookie easily using the card you have seen, or Ex-Cop, guessing another card.
  • If you have a partner, you can claim Ex-Cop or Shoplifter and say you saw their card, naming it. If possible, make sure you don't have a counterclaim, but claim early.