It was no secret the attorney loved money. He didn't go to law school because he wanted to help people; he went there because it paid! When the attorney was walking home from his law office, he saw a man with a bag and a gun outside of the local bank. He could have called the cops, but he had a better idea. He forced open the hood and cut every wire and pipe he saw, making sure that there was no way the card would be seen. He then left a note on the dashboard: "It seems your car has broken down. That's unfortunate. I can help get you off of the hook, for a price..." The bank robber had no choice but to comply.

All the attorney had to do was to convince the police that his new client was innocent. However, he had no chance at defending him if they searched the car. He also couldn't tell everyone he was a lawyer; he had to lie. However, he has done plenty of lying in his career, so this wasn't a problem. All he had to do was pretend he was someone else, and provide a convincing alibi for the robber.

Summary Edit

While the Attorney is technically a Bank Robber, plenty of exceptions apply to him. He sees all the Robbers during the Bank Robber's turn, but they don't see him. Even if the Attorney himself is arrested, he wins with Robbers. However, if there are no other Robbers, the Attorney may check a bottom card, and must arrest another player without being arrested himself.

Strategy Edit

  • If you try too hard to cast suspicion on yourself, you will appear to be the Fall Guy, and people are much less likely to pay any attention to you.
  • You can claim that you are the Shoplifter and that you have stolen the Robber's card; the Robber will most likely realize that you are the Attorney and will agree to your claim, making you both appear innocent.
  • Do not admit to being the Attorney unless you are absolutely confident that the Robber will not be found out. If you do, the Innocents will try to find the robber rather then vote you (because they will either believe you or dismiss you as Fall Guy). Never admit that there are no Bank Robbers.
  • If your card is revealed by the Psychiatrist, try to covertly mislead players into thinking that there is a Robber when there's not, and vice versa.
  • If there are no Robbers at the beginning of the round, there might still be a Robber at the end due to roles such as Wildcard.