Never one for sitting back and letting things happen naturally, the Anarchist has been known to interfere in already complicated situations. From getting the Plant imprisoned and the Ex-Cop in the warehouse, she has always found a way to add a little twist to everything. Unknowingly, she is helping the very people she is trying to stop: the Barons, and she has played into their hands from the very beginning. Only now, in the Final Heist, can she make things right.

Summary Edit

The Anarchist is one of the most chaotic roles in the game. She has the ability to swap the cards of two other players. However, she does not see the cards she swaps. The players are not informed that they have been swapped.

Strategy Edit

  • Because switching cards also switches the winning conditions, swapping two people may cause a Robber to become an Innocent role. In this case, that player will admit to being a Robber, as they are now Innocent. You can use this to your advantage. If you lie about who you swapped, you can trick a Robber into revealing himself!
  • While you do not have to swap cards, claiming to be an Anarchist who has not swapped cards is not a good idea, as people will most likely not believe you. If you didn't swap any cards, it is a good idea to claim you did swap to try to get a Robber to out, later retracting and admitting that you didn't actually switch anyone.
  • The Anarchist goes after the Ex-Cop and the Shoplifter. The information they have can be altered based on who you swap!
  • Because it is very difficult to prove that an Anarchist is telling the truth, it is a good claim for Robbers.
  • Wildcard goes after Anarchist, so even if you swap a Wildcard, the original Wildcard will still be whatever card they have picked after you swapped them. So if you swap a Wildcard with a Bank Robber, the Wildcard does not keep their Robber, but replaces it with a bottom card.
  • Even if you aren't Anarchist, you can claim Anarchist and possibly find a Robber (they might out themselves when you say you swapped them).