Roles Edit

  1. Plant
  2. Attorney
  3. Ex-Cop
  4. Shoplifter
  5. Anarchist
  6. Wildcard
  7. Negotiator
  8. Skeptic (5+ Players)
  9. Fall Guy (6+ Players)
  10. Psychiatrist (7+ Players)
  11. Detective (8+ Players
  12. Undercover Cop (9 Players)

Synopsis Edit

The Advanced setup is the most complicated setup in the game, and is the pinnacle of scumreading. The three different non-Innocent roles in the setup (Plant, Attorney, and Fall Guy) provide three different perspectives to deception, and it takes a good scumreader to figure out from a player's actions what particular evil role they are. Roles like Wildcard and Shoplifter, which can become an evil role, add even more depth to the setup.

Strategy Edit

  • Coming soon