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This is the official Wiki page of the multiplayer game A Heist Gone Wrong. Here, you will find role descriptions, strategies, and other tips about the game.

What is A Heist Gone Wrong?Edit

A Heist Gone Wrong is an online multiplayer game for 4 to 9 people about bluffing and deception. It is based on One Night Ultimate Werewolf. A bank robbery doesn't go as planned, and the Robbers mix in with innocent bystanders. Your goal is to figure out who the Bank Robbers are and arrest one, or to survive as the Bank Robber, depending on your role.

The game can be played here. Check out the manual explaining how to play this game and how different roles function. To join our community and play in lobbies with other people, join our Discord Server.

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

  1. What do I do to play a game?: Join the above mentioned Discord server, and type !play to inform other players you wish to start a new lobby. Because the game's community is not large enough to constantly have players playing it, you will have to actively ask people to play the game at a time in which they are able to.
  2. But isn't everyone more experienced than I am? Being new at the game isn't as big of a disadvantage as you may think. As long as you understand how to play the game, you will quickly catch on to how the game works, and new players aren't always predictable.
  3. How do I tell if someone is lying or not? Other than using your role's ability to your advantage, you may have to rely on chat in order to tell who is lying. Who is acting the most suspicious?
  4. I don't understand this role! How does it work? Look under the Roles catagory for a clear description of how it works, how it interacts with other roles, and what strategies you can employ in order to win.

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