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Welcome to A Heist Gone Wrong WikiEdit

The official Wikia page of the multiplayer game A Heist Gone Wrong. Find role descriptions, strategies, and other tips about the game here.

What is A Heist Gone Wrong?Edit

A Heist Gone Wrong is an online multiplayer game for 4 to 6 people based on bluffing and deception. It is based on One Night Ultimate Werewolf. A bank robbery doesn't go as planned, and the Robbers mix in with innocent bystanders. Your goal is to figure out who the Bank Robbers are and arrest one or to survive as the Bank Robber, depending on your role.

The game can be played here. Check out the manual explaining how to play this game and how different roles function. To join our community and play in lobbies with other people, join our Discord channel.

Latest activityEdit

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